About Me

I have been a practicing accountant for 20 years. I have worked for large companies such as Cadillac Fairview Property Management and Marathon Realty as well as medium sized – The Institute of Canadian Bankers.

Since 2004, I have operated Margot Merner Accounting offering accounting and bookkeeping services.  Throughout that time I have worked with an extensive variety of businesses. From non-profit to specialty dental to daycare to construction to insurance and many others.  In every instance I was able to make immediate and significant improvements in their business processes; be it employee management, payroll services, cost savings, service provider improvement, budgeting, client payment systems or more informative reporting.

The secret to my success is a partnership with my clients. I guide business owners in their quest to develop and maintain a thriving enterprise – hence real value is created for those I work with. Take a look at the competencies of a CMA and see for yourself how you will get more than record keeping when you employ my services. Furthermore, providing you with up-to-date reporting will help you to understand changes and areas of growth or loss in a timely manner enabling pro-active decision making that will save you money – easily paying for the cost of my services.

You can count on me to not only be efficient, reliable and available but also to act with integrity and commitment.

I am located in Toronto, Ontario. I offer my services throughout the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding cities.